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I've been a professional personal trainer for 7

years and MUSCLE MANIA FITNESS COMPETITOR 5 YEARS and sport model.


Fitness is a lifestyle. I became a trainer to not only help transform bodies, but to transform mindsets and build confidence in everyone I work with. We are in this together. Let’s get to work.


Caleb is a Muay Thai/ Kickboxing enthusiast having trained since the age of 16 and still actively competing. With an extensive knowledge in weight control, functional movements and self defense, Caleb delivers a trove of information that will drive you to achieve your personal best.


Fitness is my life. I am on a mission to share my knowledge and love for fitness to anybody that is willing to take the challenge and become a better version of themselves. Watching people reach their goals is my motivation.


3 year experience of personal training in fitness. 4 year of training basketball  age group 15-18.  3 year of amateur pro league basketball in thailand.


I became a trainer because I always wanted to help people out and no better way than help each one of them by reaching their personal and health goals. It does not feel like a job when you get to do what you love and enjoy.


when i saw those fitness models in the magazine, i was like “I want to look like them” And i joined the gym at age 15 without any knowledge about exercise or nutrition. Yes, i learned through hard way and took me long time to figure out the right direction . I don’t want you guys to waste time and energy figuring out the right direction. I can be your guideline to your journey.



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